What does it mean to be a volunteer?

The volunteering program of the FIEB Foundation was created in accordance with Law 6/1996 of Social Volunteering, as a framework, which aims to promote and facilitate voluntary actions within non-profit organizations, private and public. This program offers the opportunity to actively participate in various projects developed by our foundation, all in the field of biodiversity..

The work of volunteers is a contribution of great value to these projects. Those interested in participating in the volunteering program of the FIEB Foundation will participate in the maintenance of the center and its surroundings, daily or occasionally, in routine animal care, environmental enrichment thereof, adapting facilities to different species and collaborating in all activities at the center.

There are three types of volunteers:


Intensive volunteering: five days a week for at least three months (days off will not necessarily coincide with weekends). Split shifts of 8 hours (9: 30-14h and from 15: 30-18: 30, this schedule may change depending on the season).


Basic volunteering: two days a week for a minimum of three months. Mornings 6 hours 9-15h.


Weekend volunteering: one day a week for a minimum of three months. Mornings 6 hours 9-15h.

Persons wishing to participate in the volunteer program of the FIEB Foundation must assume the rights and obligations set forth below.

The rights of the volunteer.

General rules.

Your actions change the world, become a volunteer.

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