Support for professional courses:

The continuing training of professionals working with wildlife guarantees the quality of their work. For FIEB the strong collaboration with these professionals is important and wants environmental agents, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, biologists and other professionals involved with wildlife to find in FIEB a form to continue their education, improve it and broaden it, and exchange experiences with other professionals.

Monograph on Invasive Species in Spain:

In October of this year the Monograph on Invasive Species was held in Spain at CENEAM facilities in Valsaín in collaboration with AEAFMA. Over this three day course we were able to review the problems posed by invasive species in our country. We were lucky to have 13 frontline speakers who brought us up to date on the main species.

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Workshop on Handling raptors

Directed towards anyone who wants to learn the basic operation of raptors in an intensive three-day course. The course consists of two seminars, one dealing with wildlife handling and the other with risks to be avoided. The rest of the time will be spent on handling practices, as well as the transportation and control of raptors. Accommodation is offered.

Open on-site and on-line seminars

Throughout the whole year FIEB organizes seminars in collaboration with the UCM that refer to different aspects related to wildlife. These seminars are open to students, professionals and amateurs.

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