The foundation

FIEB was formed with the aim of developing projects related to the protection of biodiversity and the study of animal behavior, providing facilities for researchers and organizations working in the environmental field.

The projects developed in FIEB are part of its four action lines:

Basic research projects:

FIEB helps researchers of the most prestigious national and international centers in the development of research projects in animal behavior. Currently we are working with entities such as the CSIC, the UCM, UAX, INIA or the Max Planck Institute.

Projects on Biodiversity Conservation:

Based on the implementation of actions and studies for the preservation of animal species and their habitats, FIEB develops notable conservation projects. Among them are projects on endangered species like the European mink and the tortoise.

CITES rescue center:

This collaborative project with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the CCAA aim to accommodate seized animals in the best conditions of animal welfare within the CITES agreement. FIEB ensures the best conditions for accommodation and food for different species, encouraging the development of their natural behaviors. Additionally, it collaborates with the administrative authority to seek the most appropriate environment for their continued growth.

Ecological restoration projects and sustainability:

One of the priorities of FIEB is the ecological restoration of the land where it is located, contributing to the improvement of the surrounding ecosystem. To that effect, in addition to the intense reforestation and creation of ponds and wildlife refuges, we are working to get FIEB a 100% renewable entity. Also, FIEB is working with some town councils and private entities to implement improvements in its procedures for protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.

FIEB is firmly committed to promoting scientific knowledge as a way of improving current and future societies.

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