Research Center

A pioneering research center that bases its work on the highest professional standards and the qualifications of their personnel, complying with current legislation in terms of zoological nuclei in the area of research centers.

The Center for Research of the Foundation is able to research mammals, reptiles and birds in semi-natural conditions. It currently has more than 300 facilities of 50 different types, a veterinary clinic, laboratory, storage areas, offices and accommodation for researchers.

The Center is located in Casarrubios del Monte (Toledo) 35 km from Madrid and has more than 10 hectares in an environment of high ecological value that allows developing studies and researchin situand ex situ conditions.

Due to its location, equipment and features, the FIEB Research Center is a reference for national and international researchers, as well as universities and research centers that can have a satellite center for their projects and investigations, strengthening and improving the quality thereof.

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