Infrastructure and services


FIEB has the most modern facilities to house animals in the best conditions of animal welfare. The facilities are sensorized so that the parameters of temperature, humidity, air quality and light intensity can be monitored, being equipped and adapted to the needs of each project. Also, all facilities can be equipped with video and audio systems as well as technology of analysis for the study of behavior or detection of alterations thereof. The veterinary clinic and laboratory have the necessary means to meet all of the needs of the research team and to ensure the care and welfare of animals.

Services offered by the Foundation:

Animal accommodation:

The FIEB Research Center offers our facilities for the development of research projects carried out in populations of wild or unusual species. The facilities can be adapted to the particular needs of each species and in order to study their development.

Our facilities are sensorized with weather stations to control the parameters of temperature, humidity and can be equipped with new sensors depending on the needs of each project.

Animal care by qualified personnel:

FIEB staff will carry out the protocols defined by researchers in the basics of caring for animals in veterinary protocols.
The FIEB Foundation staff is qualified and trained to provide animals with all necessary care.

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