CITES Sanctuary

The CITES Convention or Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has as its main objective to preserve the conservation of endangered species of wild fauna and flora through trade control.

The main purpose of CITES is to establish a worldwide network of controls on international trade for endangered wildlife and its derivatives, requiring the use of official permits to authorize this trade.

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The project:

As a result of this need, an agreement between the CITES Management Authority of Spain and FIEB is formed, collaborating to solve the problem of illegal trade of animals, threatened or not.

The agreement signed in early 2013 has had several interventions in its first year of operation by hosting over 200 animals seized for different reasons.

The collaboration of FIEB with CITES requires a lot of resources, both personnel and materials, since the scope of these actions generally requires a large number of individuals to carry out very intense tasks paying close attention to detail. This project has become reality thanks to Banco Santander Foundation that has been supporting us for three years.


We at FIEB, offer the animals a suitable environment with the best possible conditions, where each species can recover from their injuries until the final decision is made by the courts.


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