Breeding Center of the European Mink

With the help of the Fundación Biodiversidad and theMinistry of Agriculture, Food and Environmentand supported by ACCIONA the Center for the Study of Breeding and European Mink – FIEB has been launched and included in the National Strategy for Preservation of Species.

The main objective of the center is to support the National Preservation Program of ex-situ European Mink by providing minks born in captivity. Furthermore, the facilities allow research related to their biology and behavior that contribute to a better understanding of the species and thus facilitate preservation studies.

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The FIEB Center has 18 large facilities and fully naturalized species of bushes and trees that recreate the riverside ecosystem.

At the end of June 2013 the first minks, three adult minks total, arrived to our center. Today we accommodate ten, including the young, players, and adults, looking forward to the next breeding season, that will be in the spring of 2015.

Workspace for Ex situ
conservation of the European mink

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