FIEB develops projects related to endangered species conservation, the European mink and the spur-thighed tortoise are two of the species although there are many others.


FIEB applies the technology to improve the welfare of the animals hosted in its facilities.


One of the priorities of FIEB is to become an entity 100% renewable and promote the ecological restoration of the area and surrounds where the center is.


FIEB has an agreement with the Spanish CITES authorities. This agreement allow FIEB to participate in preserving endangered species of wild fauna through the control of illegal trade.


FIEB is equipped woth all the facilities, the equipment and the specialized personal to guarantee and improve the welfare of the animals.

FIEB develops and boost conservation and researching projects and also provides facilities for researchers, aiming for a commitment to science, innovation and research.

The Foundation has a research center capable of hosting research projects and unusual animal species, with the most modern facilities sensorized and equipped with the latest technology, making it a Spanish pioneer Foundation.


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The FIEB has the most modern facilities to house animals in the highest conditions of animal welfare.

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